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Get your "Mojo" back with a MojoSac Bean Bag Chair or Bean Bag Sofa!

MojoSacs are the most stylish & comfortable foam filled bean bag chairs & bean bag sofas on the planet. Much like a Lovesac, but IMPROVED! Our USA foam is fluffier & less dense than other foams, which makes it softer to the touch & “sit.” It’s not as lumpy as our competitor's foam, so you don’t feel like you’re sitting on rock shaped foam.

4ft MojoSac
Bean Bag Chair

Bean Bag Chair

5ft Bean Bag Sofas/Chairs

Bean Bag Chair

6ft Bean Bag Chairs/Sofas

Bean Bag Chair

6ft MojoSac

7ft Bean Bag Sofas/Chairs

8ft MojoSac
Bean Bag Chair

3 Steps to Get Your Mojo Back!

Choose the price & size that best fits your needs (see sizes above) Choose the Color that best fits your decor Purchase your new MojoSac Foam bean bag chair or sofa

MojoSac Bean Bag ChairOverall we have hand selected the type of foam from thousands of foams on the market today to bring you MojoSac, made in the USA and backed by our Lifetime Guarantee!

We have researched our products, we stand behind our products, and we guarantee your MojoSac will be loved forever.

We use high quality USA shredded polyurethane foam and the highest quality zippers and hand selected fabrics. Our seams are double stitched for maximum strength. We also guarantee that your MojoSac won't go flat, break, or leak.....ever!!! We are so certain you will love your MojoSac for a lifetime, we have included the


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If you are looking for alternative furniture to fill your Home Theater or just need something that your kids will love to play games on, you need a MojoSac!!! Our foam recovers 10x faster right out of the box than any of our competitor's. Typically a MojoSac is fully recovered and ready to sit on by the day's end with almost ZERO fluffing required. Just take it out of the box, elbow it a couple times to get the air into the foam and let our US foam do the work for you! It’s that simple.

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